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How I paint - Pam Glew's painting process

Firstly I source a vintage textile, (100% cotton so that it dyes well)
Then I wash it in the washing machine. I use fabric dye to dye it a dark shade, usually DYLON Machine Dye Black, or Navy Blue, sometimes a different colour- but dark. I use it as per the instructions (with salt).

Then I dry it and iron it. I also tab the fabric with extra black fabric at the top and bottom, sewing a channel which allows a dowel of wood to go through, this allows me to hang it and the one at the bottom makes the fabric hang taught.

I then find my image (usually I photo films on 'pause', or sometimes I get someone to photograph me in costume, occasionally I use internet images). I use Photoshop to get the desired contrast, pulling in other images, and drawing with a Wacom Graphics Tablet. This becomes my reference image I use to paint from, which I print out. 

I paint using household bleach with sponges and paint brushes. I use gloves and a mask with a chlorine gas filter specially for chlorine bleach, as bleach irritates both skin and lungs. I keep gloves and mask on when I wash my paint brushes, as chlorine vapour is released when washing bleach brushes and sponges.

I let the bleach stay on the fabric for up to about an hour, sometimes as little as 10 minutes, wash off the fabric with a shower (using mask and gloves again) and then wash the fabric with detergent, either by hand or machine. I dry, iron, repeat by bleaching again, sometimes I do up to 10 layers of bleach, washing and drying each time, washing out at the end to remove all the chemicals. The fabric sometimes need repairing at the end by darning holes with hand or by machine stitch.

The resulting artwork is ironed, framed in a box frame, using nylon thread from each of the 4 corners of the piece, which makes the work look suspended in the frame.

Podcast Interview for Creative Freelance Income

Listen to the podcast here

Here I talk with my friend Mark Dickson about how I started my art career, got exhibitions and continue to make work. We talk about the nitty gritty of day to day studio time, finances and how I make my work.


Interview in Hand Eye Magazine online

Feb 2015

Interview for Music on Walls

April 2014

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Polo Jeans Art Stars

This is a video of the making of the first Art Star for Polo Jeans.

Polo Jeans Co Art Stars - Pam Glew from Polo Jeans Co. - Art Stars on Vimeo.

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